Peristaltic pump

The peristaltic pump is based on the principle of peristalsis according which the prevalence to the fluid treated is given by acrushing sliding along the pipe. With this method the more or less dense liquids are transported in a delicate and soft way. The pump is suitable for the pouring of liquids (wine, fruit juices, milk, and oil) and semisolid products (crushed and intact grapes, grapes after the removal of stalks, tomatoes). The pump consists of a rotor bearing three rollers that while rotating compress the rubber pipe causing the advancement of the liquid. The alternation between compression and relaxation of the pipe generates vacuum sucking the product and consequently a constant delivery. The advantages of this type of pump are a delicate pumping preventing oxidizations, shakings, emulsions, crushing of berries and seeds, and contacts between the product and mechanical parts.

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Pompe Peristaltiche