Riempitrice bag in box

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Semi-automatic filler for Bag-in-Box with capacities from 2 liters to 20 liters, for the filling of liquid and semi-dense products including foodstuff and other liquids (e.g. oil and wine with a maximum viscosity of 300 cps). lt is possible to perform hot filling at a temperature up to 50° C with a pump with delivery of 80 l/min.
The dosing is made with electronic liter-counter. lt is possible to use any type of standard tap: Vitop, Press-Top, and Flex-Top. Control of defective bag my means of a vacuum meter.
The bag is positioned in the fork; maneuvering the lever the stopper is removed and the filling nozzle is inserted in the bag. By pressing start you make the vacuum in the bag, later on the filling is made with the addition of nitrogen. Maneuvering the lever again the stopper is inserted in the bag in box and the bag is extracted manually to make it slide into the box. The machine is equipped with a smooth inclined plane to help the descent of the bag into the box that is positioned on a height-adjustable surface. The machine is equipped with operator panel for the management of the filling volume, the vacuum time, the nitrogen time, and the cleaning of the machine. The PLC stores the formats realized supplying the statistics of the work performed. Machine predisposed for the CIP washing, and the sterilization with hot water. The chassis of the machine is made of stainless steel and is supported by four castor wheels, of which two are equipped with brakes. The materials are suitable for chemical washing.
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