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Company Revello Giovanni's Story

The firm of the Revello family, manufacturers of spraying pumps since 1890 and oenological pumps since 1970, is located in Santo Stefano Belbo (CN), a village surrounded by the hills with Moscato vineyards loved and wonderfully described by the writer Cesare Pavese, where everything tells stories of vineyards, wine, and work of the grape growers in Langa. The firm was founded by the person who designed and manufactured the first spraying pump: Giovanni Revello, a very ingenious wine grower, who could develop the most functional features of the pump from his experience of daily toil in the vineyard and who started the new business of his family after testing that prototype in his vineyards. With the same dedication and passion, today Revello supplies consultancy and offers for materials able to meet a wide range of needs for wetting operations and oenology. At the beginning of the 1970s, the firm started producing a new series of pumps whose copper tank was substituted with a plastic one, so offering a new line for gardening and hobbies together with the traditional production for agriculture. Since 1970, the firm Revello manufactures piston electro-pumps for oenology characterized by a long stroke of the piston allowing deeper aspiration and stability of the piping. Their weight ensures stability and makes them crushproof even under stress. Their technical features facilitate the work and ensure utmost noiselessness. Later on, the needs for a softer and precise pumping made it necessary to use peristaltic pumps. Revello manufactures a wide range of pumps with various flow rates and their accessories. All products and their components are entirely MADE IN ITALY

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Revello spraying pumps are products with high degrees of quality and reliability, since a strong delivery pressure guarantees excellent performances and their components ensure long duration. They feature functionality and sturdiness, according to the guideline of the firm. In recent years to the manual rucksack sprayers were added rucksack sprayers operated through 6 and 12 V batteries, specifically designed for weeding and wetting, with the undeniable advantage of demanding less fatigue to the operators.
The research of functionality was the guideline also for the design of our electrical Mistral duster, with plastic tank, for the work in vineyards, orchards, and gardens. Suitable for the use in lands where it is difficult to accede with mechanized tools, it features an optimal strength of blow so allowing the penetration of the product inside the vegetation.
Since 1970 Revello has been manufacturing piston electro-pumps for oenology, characterized by a long stroke of the piston for deep aspiration and stability of the pipes. Their weight ensures stability and the cylinders, obtained through reaming of the block of cast AISI 316 stainless steel, guarantee absolute inalterability even under stress. Their technical features facilitate the work and guarantee utmost noiselessness. Revello piston electro-pumps are produced in four models capacities from 60 hl/hour to 500 hl/hour; the biggest one with two pistons is model 2P 100 then, in order of size, the series Urania, Venere, and Atena.
From the beginning of the 2000s in the oenological sector, there has been the need for a pump that could pour off the wine softer and without oxygenating the wine. From that moment, Revello added to its range of pumps for oenology the peristaltic pump characterized by little maintenance and the high levels of sanitization. After a short time, the range of pumps was extended to capacities from 100 l/h to 50,000 l/hour. The peristaltic pump can be used in the oenological sector (wine, whole and pressed grapes… etc.), for oil and vinegar, beverages, fruit juices, milk, as well as in the chemical, textile and pharmaceutical industry.